Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Keep Breathing Meditation Technique

How to connect to spirit: Easy workshop with Lisa Nichols

Had an awesome dream that I was running naked.
I was embarrassed and scared of course.
It was a rush following through on a dare and baring it all to the wind.
I was racing a little Asian girl across this beautiful rock pier.
The Asian girl and I took two different paths through this pier but we where racing forward in the same direction. I yelled " First one in the water wins".
We both made it in the water around the same time.
I remembered passing two old ladies on a bench and laughing.
I also saw one of my teachers in dismay at the last second.
My teacher was screaming "I don't want to see that, put that away, omg, etc...."
I just remember the feeling of pure joy and smiles as I hit the crystal clear ocean water.
I dove in backwards at was looking for my little Asian friend.
I saw her out of the corner of my eye.
The water looked a little darker once I was below it.
I could hear a little screams of panic from the shore.
People where afraid that I had done something so bold.
Then something amazing happened, a dolphin approached me.
The dolphin was being so kind to me and everyone else was afraid.
The dolphin saw me bare it all and was being so kind and gentle with me as if saying "Come follow me, be with me, I will take you where you want to go".
Me and the dolphin had built some trust.
It was amazing profound experience.
The dolphin led me to the deeper part of the ocean where everything was a little darker.
I could see the pier and shore fading away with people waving at me to come back.
I laughed and smiled again.
I was not afraid.
Then something truly amazing happened. I saw this amazing african nubian godess lady standing on a platform.
This lady was Lisa Nichols I have recently signed up for here creative visualization class.
It starts today hopefully you can join in.
After I hoped onto the platform with her an explosion happened.
The darker part of the ocean lite up like a rainbow.
I'm talking rainbow technicolor everywhere it was phenomenal.
The best part as I looked back at where the pier was I now saw about 120 dolphins following us and jumping everywhere. It was truly amazing and I felt so empowered having the power of nature behind me.
After that amazing experience Lisa and I where transported to a room with a nice comfy bed.
Lisa had her arms and legs wrapped around my back and was embracing and supporting me.
It felt so comfortable just a human embrace that was so intimate and loving.
Things got a little weird when my mother walked into the room and was asking questions.
My mother asked "What are you doing with my son?" and I looked at my mom and smiled. My mom was just trying to protect me but I was differently OK and so comfortable.
Then my sister and her husband walked in and where having a look on their face like whats going on here.
It was a little strange at first but I just relaxed and embraced the love that was being offered to me.
My niece or nephew than came unto the bed with us and Lisa lit up with joy and was saying how beautiful they where.
All in all I felt so comfortable and loved and the experience with the dolphins was jaw dropping incredible.
I have not had such a powerful dream of that nature in a while so i'm glad it happened. If this lady is that powerful to join me in my dreams before I even took her workshop I can not imagine how powerful the actual seminar is going to be.
Hope to see you on the inside to come ride some dolphins with me.
If you took the time to read this thank you so much. It means the world to me.
I will be sharing more stories, if you want to join me.
Thank you
Adriano Luna

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2 Things You Need To Learn About Life

1. Learn how to party

Seriously no one likes a party pooper. Learn how to have fun safely. No need for drugs or alcohol just have some fun and dance a little.

2. Seriously learn how to dance

You liked how I used the word seriously twice there. Take that modern writing teachers. O yeah get down with your bad self.

O yeah I was supposed to write like ten of these things like all new modern articles but yeah take that internet.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

benefits of meditation

     So here are some benefits of meditation I have found.

1. It helps you with not wanting to kill people.

2. It helps open up your breath so you do not feel suffocated.

Seriously after a few minutes of just being with your breath you feel amazing.

That's it meditation helps you breath and not want to kill people. Now go and meditate!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Planting A Seed

(Crea from Peaceful Plate choosing wisely)

Tell me what does it take to plant a seed, Love sweat tears, Hope passion creativity? Or maybe a littlle bit of everything. Nature seems to be out of contrrol. But maybe shes not. Maybe shes right on course.

These last few days Ive experienced Permaculture gardening. Diving in head first. Tell me when you've planted a seed. Was it a tomato, watermelon, a seed of hate or a seed of love? We all plant seeds everyday some are more aware of this then others. Whether we choose to water those seeds is a very important task. I would love to know your thoughts on whats seeds you've have been trying to water lately. The seed in my life right now is of community.

(Gulfport Growing Greener )

When I paid a visit to the Studio@620. An Listened To Ihasha Horn speak. He spoke very fluently on the word community. He also told us about the importance on the power of words. I believe he is watering the seeds of knowledge and wisdom in us. Being in that space of art. And listing to the word of unity. You see how art is an important seed to water.

So where I'm I taking you with this? Its really seeing the connection of art and gardening that gets mixed together to form something beautiful called Permacultre. The word 'permaculture' was coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren during the 1970s, as a contraction of permanent(sustainable) and agriculture.

If you read the latest article on the New York Times. They well let you know the this movement came from the underground Like all good seeds do. But once that seed breaks the ground it needs some care and that's where we come in. Being in the community is a vital part of watering those seeds.

I hope you choose wisely. Because when new roots start to grow. You must be sure you want to handle that weed or that beautiful flower that springs from it. To reconnect with our food and our nature is a transition. But it takes patience and pacing. To accomplish your dreams takes vision and clarity. To water seeds takes time and effort. Remember this when your picking which seeds to grow.

This seed that I have planted here will blossom into more knowledge of the happenings of Permaculture in St. Petersburg. If you have any questions are comments leave me a message.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back To School

So its back to school everyone. Hope you had fun in the sun. Or at least had some kind of cliche moment this summer. As most of you know it's the time of year that can bring back a lot of memories like the smell of fresh new box of crayons, the smell of new plastic boxes and backpacks, and of course the smell of glue. Know wonder why some kids cant resist it.

Like many adults(I'm actually claiming to be one Shocker!!!) going back to school is like some kind of weird adventure. Most of us have forgotten half the subjects. And most of us are excited to go thourgh all the learning pains again.
Well this is my journey back and with not trying to focus on myself to much. This post is one of more to come.

I scored a 99 on my sentence skills test. But Honestly I hate the sturcture of writing. If you check my earlier post. I'm more of a poet wouldn't you know it(See what I did there). So these next couple of months I'm going to practice more writing. I'm sure you will find some
amusement in them. At least i know my family will.

IF you happen to be a complete Stranger that runs into this blog please leave me some tips. Or right a harsh review. I dont Mind. As long as your honest. Well to bring this to a close. I'm not sure that I got my point arcoss. But thats the beauty of it. Thats why we go back to school in the first place. To continue learning. I hope we all stay students the rest of our lives.

With my pencil, and my mind sharpened hope to see you real soon