Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back To School

So its back to school everyone. Hope you had fun in the sun. Or at least had some kind of cliche moment this summer. As most of you know it's the time of year that can bring back a lot of memories like the smell of fresh new box of crayons, the smell of new plastic boxes and backpacks, and of course the smell of glue. Know wonder why some kids cant resist it.

Like many adults(I'm actually claiming to be one Shocker!!!) going back to school is like some kind of weird adventure. Most of us have forgotten half the subjects. And most of us are excited to go thourgh all the learning pains again.
Well this is my journey back and with not trying to focus on myself to much. This post is one of more to come.

I scored a 99 on my sentence skills test. But Honestly I hate the sturcture of writing. If you check my earlier post. I'm more of a poet wouldn't you know it(See what I did there). So these next couple of months I'm going to practice more writing. I'm sure you will find some
amusement in them. At least i know my family will.

IF you happen to be a complete Stranger that runs into this blog please leave me some tips. Or right a harsh review. I dont Mind. As long as your honest. Well to bring this to a close. I'm not sure that I got my point arcoss. But thats the beauty of it. Thats why we go back to school in the first place. To continue learning. I hope we all stay students the rest of our lives.

With my pencil, and my mind sharpened hope to see you real soon

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